Director, Composition Program, Fall 2012-Spring 2015

Department of English and Foreign Languages, Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ

Created several initiatives to establish the foundation for the first Composition Program within the Department of English and Foreign Languages.  These included: the design of a portfolio-based assessment program for incoming first-year applicants upon admission for placement into first-year composition courses; redesigned and redirected single composition course requirement into a full-year composition sequence; established the criteria for a writing-intensive course for the college core requirement under the Arts and Humanities category; worked across disciplines to create an upper-level writing-intensive course within the major.  Program new initiatives also included rebuilding of adjunct pool for the teaching of first-year composition courses; developmental workshops to address composition pedagogy; curriculum development, which included both the creation of a handbook for teaching of the new first-year composition course sequence and establishment of the Common Book Program for incoming first year students.

Ongoing responsibilities included adjunct hiring and scheduling of all first-year composition courses; coordinated with Director of the Writing Collaboratory to organize training and conference presentations with Collaboratory Consultants; advising for undergraduate English majors; teaching of all composition courses.  Served as Chair of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee.

Graduate Assistant Director of Women’s Studies, Summer 2004-Spring 2005

Women Studies Program, Miami University, Oxford, OH

Worked to develop the WMS201 Teaching Community, created to organize and inform all instructors involved with teaching WMS201: Introduction to Women’s Studies in course planning and maintaining program consistencies.  Tasks included managing a Blackboard site, which archived course syllabi, assignments, and course readings in digital format; leading monthly planning, assessing and discussion meetings; distribution of course policies and changes.  Worked as liaison between the Women’s Studies program and the Women’s Center, a campus-wide women’s outreach and resource center.  Served as a member of the Steering Committee and Women’s Center Advisory Council.

Assistant Director of Composition, Fall 2001-Spring 2002

Department of English, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Responsibilities included advising and assessing graduate students and visiting faculty concerning teaching responsibilities and departmental policies; liaison between Director and first-year graduate students involving issues of first-time teaching; assisted in ENG591: Teaching College English, first-year pedagogy course for all teaching associates; helped plan and implement tri-quarterly sessions of ENG791: Practices in Teaching English, required pedagogy course for all graduate students; scheduled quarterly classes for all teaching associates and adjunct faculty.  Served as member of Composition Committee.

Teaching Associate Orientation Assistant, August 2001

Department of English, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Department of English:  helped design, implement and assess week-long orientation for all first-year teaching associates entering the English studies program.  This included instruction in syllabi design, grading, assignment creation, and lesson planning.  Also helped introduce new graduate students to departmental and university-wide policies.

Graduate College:  worked with three-member team to help prepare first-year graduate students for first week of teaching.  Topics covered included grade books, syllabi and housekeeping, conferences, lesson preparation and university judiciaries.

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Dr. Michele Polak

Assistant Professor & Director, Composition Program

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