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PhD, English  2011

Miami University, Oxford, OH

  1. Double Field Concentration:  Rhetoric and Composition, Feminist Discourses

  2. Dissertation Title:  “Beyond Digital Play: Integrating Girl-Created Subjectivity Into the College Composition Classroom”

  3. Dissertation Committee:  Cindy Lewiecki-Wilson (Chair), Heidi McKee, Michele Simmons, Sally Lloyd

MA, English  2001

Ohio University, Athens, OH

  1. Field Concentration:  Rhetoric and Composition; Graduate Women’s Studies Certificate

  2. Thesis Title:  “Infested Streets of Cyberspace:  Traveling Through a Gender-Marked Online Fandom”

  3. Thesis Director:  Sherrie Gradin

  4. Women’s Studies Certificate

BA, English  1998

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH

AA, Visual Communications  1988

Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Michele Polak

Assistant Professor & Director, Composition Program

4545 College Road  •  South Euclid, OH  44121