Online Article

“‘Why Talking About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rape Is Important For Feminism.”  HuffPost WOMEN.  The Huffington Post. May 22, 2015.  link here

Live Interviews

“‘Rape on TV:  Has ‘Game of Thrones’ Gone Too Far?”  On-Air interview, HuffPost LIVE.  The Huffington Post.  Aired May 21, 2015.  link here

“‘Why The Mixed Response to Lee’s Forthcoming Novel?”  On-Air interview, HuffPost LIVE.  The Huffington Post.  Aired February 6, 2015.  link here

“‘So what if it’s Young Adult Fiction?’: Yes, Adults Can Love YA Novels Too.”  On-Air Lead interview, HuffPost LIVE.  The Huffington Post.  Aired June 12, 2014.  link here

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Dr. Michele Polak

Assistant Professor & Director, Composition Program

4545 College Road  •  South Euclid, OH  44121

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